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Find the Right Ear Hearing Protection at Hearsafe Australia

Too often, ear hearing protection fails to do its most fundamental job: shielding the ears from premature hearing loss. Earplugs are often poorly designed. They might use the wrong materials more

Invest in Your Ears with High-Quality Ear Plugs from Hearsafe Australia

A good pair of ear plugs is something everyone should have. Whether you work in an industry that has many noise hazards, attend loud concerts regularly, or want to block out the world for a more

Trust Hearsafe for Custom Moulded Earplugs

Are you in the market for quality custom moulded earplugs? Let Hearsafe assist you in creating an earplug that fits perfectly to the dimensions of your ear. more

Find Custom Plugs that Enable Easy, Effective Hearing Protection

For those who have difficulty sleeping due to a snoring partner or other noisy night-time problems, custom plugs can represent the quickest and easiest path towards relief. Have you more

Preserve Your Ears with Elacin Custom Earplugs for Extreme Environments

When you work in a tough environment, rely on Elacin custom earplugs to counteract the high noise levels. These earplugs are ideal for loud activities, including work and entertainment more

Order Military Ear Plugs Through Hearsafe

Military earplugs play an essential role in the everyday life a soldier that is on active duty. If he or she is stationed in an active combat zone without the proper ear protection, they are susceptible more

Counteract Loud Engines with Protective Custom Motorsport Earplugs

Any racing situation is going to be a loud affair, so you should rely on custom motorsport earplugs to prevent potential hearing damage over time. These plugs provide long-lasting protection that’s more

Keep Your Ears Safe from Racing Noise with Formula 1 Ear Plugs

Considering the extreme and prolonged volume that constant exposure to the racing course involves, it’s not surprising that long time racers would need Formula 1 earplugs. These plugs are more

Hearsafe Offers an Extensive Line of Noise Cancelling Ear Plugs

For over 15 years, Hearsafe has been offering the best noise-cancelling earplugs for musicians, industry, motorsports and military applications. Protect your hearing from loud noises or tune more

Hearsafe Offers a Line of Motorsport Earplugs

Hearsafe is known for our wild selection of noise cancelling hearing protection, including a line of Motorsport Earplugs. Constant exposure to engine noise can lead to hearing loss, but most ear more

Keep the Music Going for Years with Custom Earplugs for Musicians

It’s easy to get sucked into the music, but without custom earplugs for musicians, you can often get that muffled, dull after effect and continued ringing in your ears. These effects are actually more

Protect Your Hearing for the Long Term with Ear Plugs for Loud Music

Whether you are a regular concertgoer, a member of a rock band or even a music teacher in a school system, you should think about investing in ear plugs for loud music. At Hearsafe Australia, more

Custom Musician Earplugs Change the Game on Stage and in the Studio

For a musician, earplugs are almost as essential as their instrument itself when it comes to performing. Without them, hearing damage is almost inevitable. The music might be loud for the crowd in more

Protect Yourself Against Hearing Damage with Shooting Ear Protection

One of the first things you notice when you first step on the range is how loud it is, which calls for the need of shooting ear protection. Many people experience dulled hearing or ear ringing for a time more


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