Shooting Ear Protection

Protect Yourself Against Hearing Damage with Shooting Ear Protection

One of the first things you notice when you first step on the range is how loud it is, which calls for the need of shooting ear protection. Many people experience dulled hearing or ear ringing for a time after leaving the range if they rely only on basic, standard ear protection. Hearsafe provides an effective solution to protect your ears, so you don’t have to stop practising a skill that’s important to you.

What You Can Expect from Hearsafe Regarding Shooting Earplugs

We strive to connect shooting enthusiasts and law enforcement personnel with hearing protection that works. Our process is simple, so you can get the protection you deserve without a hassle.

  • We provide custom-made shooting plugs that provide exceptional aural protection both on the shooting range and in the hunting ground. The major benefits to custom ear protection include a comfortable fit that doesn’t fall out of your ears and improved protection compared to generic plugs that fail to block out sound entirely. 
  • Our team can help you find shooting earplugs explicitly designed for that task. While it’s better to use any set of earplugs than to go without a pair, our earplugs are specifically designed to be suited to some tasks better than others. Since shooting consists of sudden periods of loud noise amid a medium sound level, it’s best to seek protection such as the ACS ER20 plugs that effectively respond to impulse bursts. 

What Sets Hearsafe Apart Regarding Shooting Hearing Protection

We organised our business to address a genuine need that Australians have in many fields, not merely at the shooting range. We’re working to bring Australia up to the standard when it comes to ear protection, and we’re accomplishing that in several ways:

  • Over time, we’ve accrued extensive experience working with earplugs, so we’ve studied the methods that work and can avoid those that don’t. Our familiarity has driven us to trade exclusively in earplugs that do the job and to know which kinds are best suited for different activities.
  • We rely on high-quality materials and products because we understand the importance of ear protection. There’s no degree to which we’ll cut corners since the alternative would be to fail to provide the protection that we exist to provide. With the best quality earplugs at your disposal, you can safely stay on the range longer with less discomfort and damage.
  • Consult one of the audiologists in our network of providers to get personalised attention and custom designs. These audiologists will work with you to measure your exact ear shape and the correct way to manufacture your plugs. Then, they’ll send the measurements to us, and we’ll make the plugs that are suited to your ears before shipping them to you anywhere in the world. After you meet with the audiologist, the entire process takes place online for your convenience.
  • Hearsafe supports The Third Domain in its mission of preventing hearing loss. We strongly agree with them and have aligned our business to work towards the same goal. Thus, when you shop with us, you’re helping to support an organisation that provides genuine help to those who are battling this issue.

Problems Custom Moulded Earplugs for Shooting Address

To recap the importance of custom earplugs on the shooting range, consider these points:

  • Different guns produce different noise levels, but when you’re in an enclosed shooting range, the tight space amplifies the noise further.
  • Your ears naturally want to adjust to the ambient noise level, so punctuated sounds such as shooting can be especially damaging. 
  • Generic earplugs cannot offer your ears the full protection that you need and can also produce significant discomfort over time.

Custom earplugs address each of these issues and protect your ears in the toughest environments.

About Hearsafe

We’ve been operating for 15 years, helping those in loud settings such as industrial workplaces, music venues, and shooting ranges. Our team takes hearing protection seriously and wants to help you get custom earplugs that are uniquely designed to protect you. Contact us for more information or to start the process of acquiring your earplugs.