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Our Offshore Facilities are technically and legislatively (a new word?) High Noise or Workplaces.

Clearly we adopt a Hierarchy of Controls approach to mitigate noise, and consequently we do spend a lot of money on Engineering.

With respect to PPE we looked at several products, and eventually settled on that supplied by Hearsafe, through a trial period.

The trails were well received by the workforce and since then we have mandated Hearsafe as our supplier of hearing attenuation products – particularly Elacin - across all of our Petroleum assets, including those in Victoria. Our Perth based engineering support staff also use these products for their offshore or onshore site visits.

 BHPB Petroleum has also used Hearsafe personnel to give hearing protection presentations at both BHPB Petroleum sponsored events and industry wide safety events.

 The service and support provided by Hearsafe personnel  is excellent. The product is excellent, and is the only one which meets all Australian Standards, including testing.

 Hearsafe receive a Highly Recommended from me.


John A Shand

HSE Supervisor (Operational Safety)

Australia Production Unit

BHP Billiton Petroleum 


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