Hearing Protection For Farmers & Agricultural Workers Specifically Designed For Low Frequency Noise Protection.

The constant low frequency nature of audible and non audible sounds released form the drone of farm machinery is a high risk to farm workers, their wellbeing and their later life experiences. Tractors, harvesters, silage blowers, chain saws, skid-steer loaders, grain dryers, squealing pigs and guns are some of the most typical sources of noise on the farm. Studies revel the impact of lengthy exposures to these sounds as levels previously not recognised by the industry.

 Low frequency noise from engines, motors and fans is prevalent in many farming environments. This noise is not easily eliminated with traditional passive hearing protection devices. Low frequency noise waves are long and carry great distances. They can penetrate passive barriers like foam earmuffs or even cement walls (which is why you can hear the bass of your neighbour's stereo).

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Elacin ER Next Generation Custom Ear Plugs - Hearsafe Australia

Elacin ER Next Generation Custom Ear Plugs


from $290.00

High-level customized hearing protection Good communication on the work floor is often a challenge in environments with high noise levels. With the...

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from $290.00
Pluggerz Shoot - Hearsafe Australia

Pluggerz Shoot



Incredibly comfortable earplugs because of their shape and anti-allergic silicon material   For frequent use Including handy pouch CE and ANSI cer...

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