October 04, 2019

We all aspire to be the best role models possible for our kids so it is important to start teaching them about hearing health from a young age and demonstrate healthy hearing practices around the home.

As well as getting your child’s hearing checked regularly, you can start educating them early on hazardous sounds. Move your kids away from excessive noise and help them identify what excessive noise is, for instance a smoke alarm or siren.Ensure when listening to music or watching television that the volume is kept at a safe level for the whole family and teach your kids at which point it has become too much and how to turn it down.

The same thing goes for toys. If a toy produces sound, have a listen to it before purchasing to make sure it won’t damage their hearing. Keep in mind that little kids often want to bring toys up close to their face and therefore, close to their ears.

Be the role model. Wear ear safety protection when you’re mowing or trimming the lawn. Wear ear plugs for loud music when attending sporting events or concerts. Have noise cancelling ear plugs readily available when watching fireworks, and so on. At the end of the day, monkey see, monkey do. Your kids will adopt the same healthy habits you.    

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