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Hearing loss as we get older

  • 1 min read

One of the most common hearing conditions to affect the elderly and aging adults is age-related hearing loss. In fact, age-related hearing loss will most likely affect each of us as we get older.

As we age, a number of factors can contribute to the loss of hearing. Certain medications, diabetes and high blood pressure can all play a part in one losing their hearing. Hearing loss can also be common in patients receiving treatment for cancer as chemotherapy drugs can damage the cells in the ears.

Noise induced hearing loss and age-related hearing loss are often difficult to differentiate, and quite often older patients will present with a combination of both conditions; age-related hearing loss and damage caused by loud noise over a significant amount of time.

While age-related hearing loss is unfortunately just part of the aging process, there are measures you can take now to prevent noise induced hearing loss and keep you hearing well into your later years! Identify sources of excessive noise in your life and take action to protect your hearing. Invest in hearing protection and have them at the ready for any noisy environments, whether you’re heading to a concert or you work on a construction site. Take these measures now and you’ll thank yourself for it later.

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