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Early signs of hearing loss

  • 1 min read

Unlike a physical wound, hearing loss is quite the invisible condition and therefore hard to detect yourself. You can’t see yourself succumbing to the early warning signs of hearing loss, so quite often those early warning signs are overlooked.

So, what are the signs? Firstly, it’s those closest to you who are often the first to recognize that your hearing is diminishing. As hearing loss can come on quite gradually, you often can’t even tell yourself. So, if your friends and family notice that you’re struggling with conversation or hearing certain cues or sounds, it might be time to get your hearing checked.

Tinnitus, a ringing in just one or both ears, can be one of the early signs of hearing loss. Those with poor hearing will also find it difficult to hear the voices of women and children. Other signs can include turning the volume up to excessive levels, struggling to keep up with conversation or favouring one particular ear.

Also, if you find people talk too fast and you can’t keep up, or that they mumble when speaking, it could in fact be your hearing that is the issue.

To avoid future hearing loss, ensure you protect yourself against loud noises by wearing hearing protection, avoid noisy environments, recognize the early signs and ensure you get regular hearing checks.

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