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Swimmers Ear

  • 1 min read

With summer well and truly here, our trips to the beach are becoming more frequent and dips in the pool feel like a necessity, so with so much water around, we better make sure we’re looking after our ears.

Swimmer’s ear is a common affliction that plagues many keen swimmers. When water is collected in the ear and doesn’t drain well, it can lead to an infection in the ear canal resulting in the painful condition. Sufferers can experience redness in the ear, pain, itching and in some cases, swimmer’s ear can affect one’s hearing.

Using ear plugs that are designed for swimming are a great way to reduce the amount of water that gets in your ears, thus reducing your chances of developing swimmer’s ear.

Swim plugs from ACS boast a full shell design to give you a snug and secure seal to keep that water out whiles swimming. Plus, they’re made from floatable silicone, so if you drop them in the water, they can be easily spotted!

Enquire with the team atHearSafe Australia for more information regarding swim plugs and make sure you’re protected and ready to go before you hit the water.

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