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Music concerts

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Imagine 20,000 people at a music concert not wearing earplugs. Within a matter of minutes, these 20,000 people are now at risk of permanent hearing damage.

Now imagine 20,000 people who are aware of the dangers of not wearing earplugs at music events, and protect their ears. 20,000 people go home without the ringing/hissing/humming/pain in their ears that some of us experience that can last for days (or forever).

ACS Pacato are reusable, high fidelity hearing protectors.

Using Pacato earplugs, you can enjoy your music at a level that suits you without losing the fidelity of the sound as you might with foam earplugs, in addition, the Pacato keeps all the atmosphere allowing you to hear what’s going on around you and communicate clearly with others so you don’t have to feel isolated from the music, the atmosphere or the people to keep your hearing safe from harm.

Play Safe Now, so you can still Hear Tomorrow.

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