February 11, 2019

Whether you just like to take the bike out for a spin every now and then, or it’s your main mode of transport and you’re on the road daily, motorbike riders know how important it is to protect their hearing when on the bike.

Not only is the sound of the engine loud, but you also need to take into consideration how loud the wind on your ears can be as you whiz down the road or dirt track.

Just one ride is all it can sometimes take to incur hearing damage.

When it comes to motorsport, HearSafe Australia has the very best in hearing protection. Whether for recreational or competitive use, ACS supplies custom fit ear plugs as well as in-ear communications for drivers, crew, track staff and even spectators.

The custom Pro 20 Ear Plugs are perfect for motor sports, specifically designed for high noise situations with higher pitch frequencies. The PRO filter also boasts water resistance and will continue to perform in the hot or humid conditions of a crash helmet.

Speak to the team at HearSafe Australia today for guidance and to find the perfect product for your particular biking needs.

ACS Custom Pro 20 for Motor Sport

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