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New Year’s Eve Fireworks and Protection

  • 1 min read

New Year’s Eve is upon us, so not only will we be popping the champagne soon, but many community groups will be celebrating with spectacular fireworks displays to bring in the New Year.

Regardless of how far away you sit from the fireworks themselves, it’s hard to avoid the noise of those beautiful explosions that light up the night sky. Plus, depending on how long the firework display goes for, long and repeated exposure to the noise can cause hearing damage.

Wearing ear plugs is a great way to protect your hearing if you’re out to bring in the New Year with noisy fireworks. Now put it this way, if it’s too loud for you, it’s definitely too loud for your children, so make sure your kids and babies are also decked out with hearing protection before the fireworks begin.

HearSafe Australia specialize in professional custom-made hearing protection solutions and have technical and educational staff at the ready to recommend the right hearing protection for you and your family. So, start your 2019 the right way and enquire today.

Once New Years is done and dusted, make sure you rest those weary ears of yours! Experts recommend resting your ears for at least 16 hours after exposing your hearing to excessively loud events.

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