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Hearing protection for hunters

  • 1 min read

Hunting is rising in popularity in Australia. Whether you’re in it for conservation efforts, pest management, competitively or just as a hobby, where there are guns, there must be hearing protection.

Hunters who use guns are likely to develop hearing impairments from the sheer decibel of the gunshot. Keeping in mind that one ear can be affected more than the other depending on which is closest to the weapon. It is crucial to wear hearing protection each time you head out on a hunt to protect you from sudden impulse noise such as gunfire. 

HearSafe Australia provides the very best in hearing protection with brands specifically designed for shooting.

 ACS Custom Pro Impulse Ear Plugs for Shooting provide two modes of operation which allow this filter to give a constant mid-level of protection, as well as reacting to give high level protection against sudden impulse noise such as gunfire.

ACS Pro Impulse Ready Fit (Shooting) are used for higher levels of noise protection and can be worn in conjunction with over-ear headsets.

Etymotic GSP-15 Electronic Earplugs for Shooting are designed for gun sport enthusiasts to protect from firearm blasts and also protect from loud continuous noise from vehicles, machinery or repeated gunfire from nearby shooters.

Don’t forget about any bystanders or fellow hunters! Let HearSafe deck you all out in the very best hearing protection before your next hunt.


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