November 11, 2018

You may not be constantly surrounded by noise or work on a construction site where excessive noise levels are the norm, but it’s still important to have appropriate hearing protection even around the home.

Many household chores may be doing you damage without you even realizing it. Think about how often you mow the lawn – that right there, is exposure to noise.

It’s not a bad idea to whack in a pair of ear plugs each time you need to mow the lawn; the garden needs a whipper snip or you need to fire up the leaf blower. Consider how loud your lawn equipment is before operating.

Do you love getting stuck into some DIY projects around the house? Then you definitely need to consider whether you’re protecting your ears. Ear plugs are necessary if you’re operating or around tools that create excessive noise, such as power tools or machinery.

Even things like generators, engines or fans that omit low frequency noise could possibly be doing damage. Low frequency noise waves are long and can carry great distances and even penetrate barriers, like hearing the bass of your neighbours stereo.  

So keep all of this in mind next time you head out for a spot of gardening and have your ear plugs handy around the home so you’re always protected.

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