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How Loud is Too Loud? Protect Your Ears: A blog about noise exposure and its dangers.

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A lot of us overlook the fact that our ears are one of the most sensitive parts of our body, and continuous loud noises can cause severe harm to them. Hearing damage can be fatal and cause deafness, and as we all know, prevention is always better than cure.

Many aspects of precautions, if ignored, can cost us our ears. And, we care about everyone's well being. So, here is a short summary of what you should avoid and how you can protect your ears.

How loud of a sound can affect our ears?

Some of us believe that a lower sound might not cause any harm, but in reality, both loud and weak sounds can cause ear damage. Low sound will cause issues over time, but loud and sudden noises like the bursting of crackers, harsh thudding noises can cause instant infliction.

Smartphones sometimes have inbuilt SLM ( sound level meter), and if not, they can be downloaded through AppStore or play store. WHO (World Health Organization)recommends a maximum level of below 70 dBA in 24 hours, 75 dBA in more than 8 hours, and a maximum of 45-55 dBA for outdoor and indoor activities.

What activities or events can cause ear damage?

Regular activities such as listening to music or watching TV with maximum volume can be problematic. Events such as loud concerts, theatres, and cinemas have high chances of damaging your ear.

Even large crows with maximum commotion can cause hearing loss. Sports events with high engine noises, bells, sirens are also some examples of the same. In every case, you must try to avoid such disturbances for long hours.

How can you protect your ears from loud sounds?

The best and most effective advice would be to try to avoid any situations that have really loud noise. But in case you find yourself in the midst of a concert, you could purchase noise-reducing earplugs. These earplugs can be used while you sleep or when there's a raucous festival in your society. It will not only help you reduce damage to your ears but concentrate on work or get a goodnight's sleep.

Sometimes a lot of us hear a low or faded sound during that time, rest, or drink fluids, mainly water. Also, have your hearing checked once in a while, so you can detect any damage at the earliest and treat it before it grows worse.

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