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Make A Splash At The Pool With These Ear Protection Tips

  • 2 min read

Everybody enjoys swimming and splashing around a pool. But if one does not take proper precautions during swimming, there are chances of water entering your ears. Consequently, this can cause bacterial infection in the ears. Water lingering in your ear canals can cause immense damage to the hearing power as well.

Of all, the best defence is a good offence when it comes to ear infections or swimmer's ears. Additionally, if you are susceptible to ear infections, you may do several really basic things when swimming to prevent water from entering your ears.

Likewise, here are some ear protection tips that one can follow during and after swimming.

Wear Ear Plugs

Swimming earplugs made of silicone have proven to be a saviour for anyone who loves swimming. Just make sure you select earplugs that are comfortable to wear. Additionally, keep in mind that its design is such that it keeps the water out of your ear. Use soft, moldable earplugs that conform to your ear's particular shape.

Do not Jam Tissues, Cotton, or your Fingers in your ears

If you put strange objects into your ear canal because you think water has gotten into them, you'll have even more issues. It indicates that you are more likely to scrape something and transfer bacteria. This, in particular, can obstruct the flow of water seeking to make its way out.

Ensure that your ear wax hygiene is up to par

Ear wax is crucial in the prevention of ear infections. Too much or too little ear wax might cause issues. Additionally, ear wax also acts as a water repellent.

Take good care of the skin around your ears

Maintaining good health of the skin inside the ear canal prevents ear infections. Skin that is cracked, dry, or otherwise damaged is ripe for infection. Keep your ears dry at all times. Use earplugs or cotton balls to keep makeup sprays or other irritating chemicals out of your ears. Scratching or cutting your ears is not a good idea.

Wear a swimmer's ear band

Swimmers' ear bands are designed to wrap around the head and protect the ears from water. Swimmer's ear bands are most suitable for incidental water, such as water splashing into the ear canal. They do not, however, give the same level of full blockage as earplugs.

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