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Hearing protection for hunters

  • 2 min read

Hunting is rising in popularity in Australia. Whether you’re in it for conservation efforts, pest management, competitively or just as a hobby, where there are guns, there must be hearing protection.

Hunters who use guns are likely to develop hearing impairments from the sheer decibel of the gunshot. Keeping in mind that one ear can be affected more than the other depending on which is closest to the weapon. It is crucial to wear hearing protection each time you head out on a hunt to protect you from sudden impulse noise such as gunfire. 

HearSafe Australia provides the very best in hearing protection with brands specifically designed for shooting.


Etymotic GSP•15 GunSport•PRO® Electronic Earplugs

GSP•15 Electronic Earplugs are for gun sport enthusiasts who need protection from firearm blasts, but also need protection from loud continuous noise from vehicles, machinery or repeated gunfire from nearby shooters. Improves distance detection up to 5X.

Pluggerz Custom-Fit Shoot Impulse

  • Unique impulse filter
  • Low attenuation when little sound, heavy attenuation when shots are fired
  • Maximum user comfort
  • Suitable for extended daily use
  • Available in acrylic with nano-lacquer (hard) or silicon material (soft)
  • Includes handy storage pouch
  • Available in 20 different colours, including transparent
  • SNR = variable

Pluggerz Custom-Fit Shoot CENS Active

Pluggerz Shoot CENS® Active is designed especially with the rifle marksman in mind. The brand new state-of-the-art digital circuitry inside is able to suppress the louder gunshot noise generated by rifle and large calibre ammunition. They are also great for shotgun shooters


Don’t forget about any bystanders or fellow hunters! Let HearSafe deck you all out in the very best hearing protection before your next hunt.



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