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Elacin RC Tube

Your ATEX hearing protection

The Elacin RC Tube enables you to work comfortably and safely in a noisy environment. Given that the RC Tube is a completely passive component, devoid of electronics, it is the perfect communication solution for explosive environments. The RC Tube offers supports in two areas : by protecting your hearing from annoying and loud noises, while enabling you to listen to all radio communication at the same time. You therefore no longer have to choose between the two.

Elacin RC Tube:

  • excellent call quality
  • comprises no electronic components
  • high comfort, which encourages employees to wear it
  • connectable to any radio communication system
  • safe communication at all times
  • perfect for teams with one-way communication

This makes Elacin unique

Elacin RC hearing protection has unique filters that protect you from loud noise. Thanks to its unique filter, everyone understands one another, even in a noisy environment. You still hear system alarms, and can even listen to your favourite radio station in the background. Elacin keeps you constantly in touch with your surroundings by letting you the world the way it is.

The Elacin RC Tube is the extension of our hearing protection. This audio tube connects you to your walkie-talkie. You can therefore hear all radio communication without having to remove your hearing protection. So, you are always protected from loud ambient noise.


Treasure your senses

Wearing hearing protection is compulsory in many working environments. However, employees often remove their earplugs or ear defenders ‘briefly’ in order to communicate. Such ‘brief’ moments may prove highly consequential, however: During those few minutes when employees go unprotected, the risk of hearing damage increases significantly. The Elacin RC Tube prevents this.


Forget that you are wearing Elacin

Alongside the need to communicate, inconvenience is another reason for removing hearing protection; with headaches and itching among the most common complaints. Hearing protection needs to be comfortable therefore. Elacin RC is custom-made to fit perfectly in your ear: you even forget that you are wearing hearing protection.


Who is it for?

The Elacin RC Tube contains no electronic parts, and is therefore perfect for use in potentially explosive atmospheres that are also very noisy. Think of companies in the chemical and petrochemical industries, for example.

Discover the rest of the Elacin RC Communication Series.

  • ElacinRC BoomMic
    communicate via headset with (desk) telephone or walkie-talkie.
  • ElacinRC SoloCom
    communicate via earplug and PTT/speech unit with walkie-talkie.


We have developed unique RC filter for all sorts of noise. They are all connectable to the Elacin RC Tube.


A perfect fit, optimum protection and improved speech intelligibility: these are what make the Elacin RC Tube so unique.


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