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Elacin RC SoloCom

Walkie-talkie in hearing protection

While walkie-talkies may be indispensable to your company, so is hearing protection. While the one enables communication, the other protects. Unfortunately, the two do not always go together. When the walkie-talkie sounds, the earplugs get removed. The Elacin RC SoloCom relieves you of the need to make this difficult choice. Communicate by radio while wearing hearing protection.

You want:

  • to stay in constant touch with your colleagues, even when wearing hearing protection
  • high call quality, so that everyone understands each other
  • to rely on uninterrupted radio traffic, with no background hum
  • a high wearing comfort, so that you forget that you are wearing hearing protection.

Elacin RC SoloCom ticks all the boxes. Find out more about this unique innovation.


Avoid hearing damage

Everyone at your organisation knows that wearing hearing protection is the standard. However, some employees may not be aware of the fact that they run the risk of hearing damage if they remove their earplugs or ear defenders for even a few minutes. It is therefore essential that they also wear hearing protection when communicating by walkie-talkie. The Elacin RC SoloCom offers you the best of both worlds. That keeps everyone connected. Anytime and anywhere.


Here’s how it works

To communicate by radio, you need: the Elacin RC SoloCom, Elacin RC hearing protection, your own walkie-talkie or PTT key. They protect your hearing, while nevertheless preserving the acoustics of your surroundings. You can therefore converse with one another in noisy environments, almost as though you were in a meditation centre. Warning signals also remain audible, enabling you to work safely.

If you want to listen to the radio traffic, click the SoloCom into the Elacin earplugs. Employees who have to communicate by radio need to wear the Speech Unit. SoloCom is connected to the PTT with the cable supplied. This ensures that the employees can follow all communication through their earplugs.


Always in touch

Communication is critical. You need the assurance that employees remain in touch at all times. Interruption of radio traffic is a no-no, whereas high call quality is a must. The Elacin RC SoloCom offers both a stable connection and high intelligibility. You therefore always clearly hear everything your colleagues say, thus avoiding miscommunication.


Ideal for noisy environments

A walkie-talkie with hearing protection is perfect for noisy environments. The Elacin RC SoloCom is therefore a huge asset to teams that work on construction sites, in timber processing plants and industrial environments. Furthermore, this innovation is ideal for emergency services, operators and security forces, whose team members do not all need to talk.

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There are, of course, numerous categories of noise. High frequencies are present in some environments, and low frequencies in others. We have a unique filter for any kind of noise. And all RC filters are compatible with the Elacin RC SoloCom.

Explosion hazard

Do you work in potentially explosive environments? In that case, discover the options that the Elacin RC Tube  offers. The audio tube connects your RC hearing protection to your walkie-talkie.


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