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Elacin RC BoomMic & PTT

Hearing protection with a headset

You are passing through the noisy factory wearing hearing protection. Just then, a customer calls to discuss the latest project details. You pick up, while removing your hearing protection. You might think a quick call without your earplugs or ear defenders can do non harm. However, spending even five minutes unprotected in your factory significantly compounds the risk of hearing damage. Wear the Elacin RC BoomMic therefore: hearing protection with a headset.

Wear Elacin and protect your hearing

With the Elacin RC BoomMic, you wear your hearing protection non-stop. Even when making a call. This unique headset is worn together with Elacin RC. We developed this hearing protection ourselves: custom-made and unique in its kind. The filters protect your hearing, while nevertheless preserving the acoustics of your surroundings. The result? You can converse with one another in noisy environments, as though you were in a tranquil meeting room.


Here’s how it works

The Elacin RC BoomMic’s microphone muffles the noise around, enabling the person on the other end of the line to understand you perfectly. You can therefore communicate pleasantly, without removing your hearing protection. When you want to make a call, simply click the BoomMic into the Elacin earplugs, then connect the BoomMic to your (desk) telephone or walkie-talkie with the cable supplied.

High wearing comfort

Employees who find their hearing protection uncomfortable are disinclined to wear it constantly. The classic yellow earplugs tend to itch. Ear defenders pinch, cause headaches and get hot. The Elacin RC BoomMic avoids such inconveniences by providing maximum comfort. Thanks to its ergonomic fit and lightweight materials, you’ll forget you’re wearing the Elacin RC BoomMic.

Who is the Elacin RC BoomMic for?

There are numerous noisy environments: ranging from factories containing industrial machinery, to construction sites where heavy duty, noisy equipment operates. The Elacin RC BoomMic vouches for safe communication in all such environments. Our headset hearing protection is also a sound solution for security guards, military personnel, emergency services and call centre staff.

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The Elacin RC BoomMic is compatible with all Elacin RC filters. These filters are specifically designed for low and high noise levels. Perfect hearing protection is therefore available for literally any environment.

Communicating by walkie-talkie

Do you communicate by walkie-talkie? Contact us to get a list of compatible radios.

Do you communicate using walkie-talkie earpieces? In that case, discover the Elacin RC SoloCom.


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