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Motorsport Earplugs

Hearsafe Offers a Line of Motorsport Earplugs

Hearsafe is known for our wild selection of noise cancelling hearing protection, including a line ofMotorsport Earplugs. Constant exposure to engine noise can lead to hearing loss, but most ear protection cuts all noise, even communication with your crew. Our earplugs are specifically designed with motorsports in mind and allows for in-ear communication while reducing engine noises to safe levels.

What You Can Expect from Hearsafe Motorcycle Earplugs

Anyone involved in motorsports knows just how loud a single engine can be, let alone the engines of all the cars or motorcycles in a race. With such constant exposure to engine and environmental noises, hearing loss is a common problem in later life making ear protection a must if you want to retain your hearing. Here is what you can expect from our line of motorcycle earplugs:

  • Our motorsports earplugs are designed to filter the types of noises most common to the industry, namely engine sounds. That said, our filters are swappable, allowing for you to customise the types of sound you want to exclude.
  • Speaking of customisation, we make our earplugs using the measurements of your ear canal, which makes the seal stronger, and therefore improving the efficiency of the earplugs at filtering the loud engine sounds.
  • When you are on track, you need to be able to communicate with your pit crew, and our earplugs take this into consideration. They come with several custom cable and connector options to allow communication while still offering protection from engine noise.

Problems Motorcycle Earplugs from Hear Safe Addresses

Motorcyclists, even those not in motorsports, have a greater need for ear protection than other drivers. With a motorcycle, the engine is much closer to the driver, and there are fewer barriers between it and them. Helmets provide some reduction in this noise, but they themselves can add whistling noises, especially when driving at high speeds. Here are a few ways our noise-cancelling earplugs solve these problems:

  • Riders need earplugs that block the noises of the engines and the wind whistling in their helmet, but at the same time, they need access to ambient hearing for proper situational awareness. We designed our filter, allowing the user to hear sirens or other important cues while protecting their ear.
  • Both races and road trips can be long, so your ear protection needs to be comfortable enough to wear for a long time. Our plugs use the softest silicone available for complete comfort.
  • The lightweight speaker in our motorsports earplugs allow for crystal clear communication while fitting discreetly in your ear.

Why Customers Should Use Hearsafe

If you value your hearing and want to preserve it in later life, you need to protect it from the loud noises of motorsports. Our motorcycle earplugs offer a custom fit tailored for your ears to give you the best protection possible. Because they are made with motorsports in mind, they are designed to filter engine sounds while the in-ear communication system allows you to stay connected with your crew while in the race. To find out more information about our earplugs,contact us today.


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