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The importance of hearing protection for musicians

  • 2 min read
Hearing protectionplays a vital role in preserving the hearing healthof musicians, DJs, music producers and anyone heavily involved in the music industry.

When working within the music industry, being able to hear well is a must.Music induced hearing loss is linked to extended exposure to high volume conditions, much like those experienced by musicians, DJs, music producers and music students on a regular and, most likely, daily basis.

Here at Hearsafe Australia, we are passionate abouthearing healthand ensuring individuals within all industries are provided with adequatehearing protection. For this reason, our team ofhearingexperts have compiled a helpful summary below which further investigates the importance ofhearing protectionfor musicians.

Professional musicians &hearing health

 A professional musician, whether in a rock band, symphony orchestra, or an up and coming DJ, will spend varying amounts of time practising. On top of this, they will generally also spend time listening to the music of others. This level of exposure to music can leave the listener with long-term damage to their hearing. Outside ofmusic induced hearing loss, some other musicians tend to experience other hearing-related issues such as tinnitus, diplacusis and hyperacusis.

Professional musicians & tinnitus

Tinnitus refers to a hearing condition where a ringing or buzzing sound can be heard either constantly or it may come and go. There are various causes for tinnitus including head injuries, wax build-up within the ear or exposure to loud sounds. Tinnitus caused by short term damage such as attending a concert will generally go away on its own. Whereas, long term exposure, like that a professional musician would likely experience, can lead to much more permanent and serious hearing damage.

Hearing protectionfor musicians

 Now that we understand whyhearing protectionis so important for professional musicians and the issues that can arise, let’s discuss the options available to prolonghearing health. Even those musicians who are around excessive music daily can still protect their hearing. Thanks to advances in technologies in recent years, many different earplug options are now suitable for musicians. Here at Hearsafe Australia, we stock a wide range of earplug products perfect for musicians including plugs by both Elacin and Etymotic. 

Browse the complete range of hearing protectionavailable on our online shop todayor for any other enquiries, be sure to get in touch with the helpful Hearsafe Australia team.


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