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Hearing matters: the best hearing protection for mine workers

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Did you know that your ears can suffer permanent damage after a surprisingly short exposure to sounds in excess of 100 decibels? Our ears are remarkably sensitive organs. What makes NIHL so insidious is that it is almost impossible to detect in its early stages. Like cancer, by the time you become aware that there’s a problem, the damage has been done. It’s why mine workers and people who work with heavy machinery need the best hearing protection. Look no further than Hearsafe Australia, specialists in high-performance hearing protection solutions for mining environments.  


Hearing matters: what’s wrong with cheap ear plugs?
Have you ever bought ear plugs from Ebay or the supermarket? You might have bought them for the price or because they seemed soft and comfortable. However, looks can be deceiving. As a porous material, foam earplugs can be a fertile breeding ground for bacteria, leading to infection. Buyer beware: if you are a mine worker, cheap alternatives are not usually tested and approved with Australian Standards.


Hearing matters: what to consider
All hearing PPE should be:

  • Tested and approved in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZS 1270:2002: Acoustics – Hearing protectors. Test results are found on the packaging of the hearing protector.
  • Selected and maintained in accordance with AS/NZS 1269.3:2005 Occupational noise management – hearing protector program.

Suppliers of hearing protectors should provide the full information on the attenuation likely to be provided including the SLC80 ratings, class and octave band attenuation values derived from attenuation measurements made in accordance with AS/NZS 1270:2002 Acoustics – hearing protectors.

Hearing matters: not all ear plugsarecreated equal

A set of plugs might be useful for sleeping, but entirely ineffective for providing hearing protection on a loud industrial worksite. Hearsafe Australia designs plugs for specific applications — from sleeping to motorsport to live music roles — all to deliver the best results.


Hearing matters: the besthearing protection for mine workers

If you work in a noisy environment, chances are you’ve worried about hearing loss. The good news is that it’s easy to protect your hearing. Hearsafe Australia provides medical grade silicon custom ear plugs that are so soft and comfortable that you can leave them in for your whole shift. Another advantage is that Elacin RC Custom Ear Plugs next generation filters allow you to communicate while wearing them.

Hearing matters: how long do Hearsafe Australia ear plugs last?

Say farewell to disposable foamies filling up the land. Elacin RC Custom Ear Plugs last for a minimum of four years and that’s only because your ear canal can change over that time.


Hearing matters: can I still hear an alarm or warning signal while wearingElacin RC Custom Ear Plugs?

With the new generation high-performance RC, Elacin’s optimal attenuation greatly improves speech intelligibility and makes warning and alarm signals more perceptible. This means you can get on with the job all day without interruption.


Browse the range of Hearsafe Australia products today. If you have any enquiries regarding any of our products, you can phone us on 1300 425 496 or check out our Frequently Asked Questions page here. Start protecting your hearing today!


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