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Hearing Protection for Motorcyclists

  • 1 min read

Hi folks, quick review for you....

I was experiencing ringing and pain in my ears after riding, I have also been mindful of looking after my hearing as I am in the Military and am often exposed to harmful noises so I need to minimise exposure where possible. I wanted something that plug in to my comms system and having used ACS before I decided to go with the PRO-27 Communicator.

As the name suggests the filter out up to 27db of noise, the result is a very pleasurable and safe riding experience. I was fitted for them by a local audiologist around 2 weeks ago and they landed on my mat yesterday.

Managed to give a test this morning and they really are a revelation, you are still able to hear your engine and voice, they just cut all the wind noise down, I found I was more relaxed and able to focus more rather than putting up with that horrible racket. They fit neatly and have no external pressure pushing against them.

They double as custom in ear monitors and the sound is fantastic! Not cheap but what price do you put on your hearing......

Check out the ACS Pro 27 Communicator hereor if your just looking for protection without the need for communication click here


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