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Ear care do’s and don'ts

  • 2 min read

Just as you keep the rest of your body clean and groomed, don’t forget to take care of your ears! Safeguarding your ears protects your hearing health, so there’s no better time to incorporate these tips into your daily routine.


  1. Don’t use cotton buds!
    Placing anything small into your ear canal could cause damage to your ear drum. Live by the rule: don’t put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear.

  2. Don’t smoke
    Studies have shown that smokers have a heightened risk of developing hearing loss.

  3. Don’t use ear candles
    Even candling comes with warnings from health professional’s due to the risk of burns. Users are exposed to a naked flame in close proximity to the face and also risk wax or ash falling on them.

  4. Don’t blast the headphones
    Keep your headphones at a reasonable volume to avoid noise induced hearing loss.

  5. Don’t ignore changes to your ears or pain
    If you notice any changes to your hearing or experience any pain, seek medical advice immediately.


  1. Get your hearing checked

Ensure you get your hearing checked regularly to identify any signs of hearing           loss and to seek treatment options.

  1. Use earplugs
    Wearing earplugs will prevent hearing loss and reduce the amount of noise you are exposed to. This is especially important if you work in an environment prone to excessive loud noises or prolonged noise exposure.
  1. Exercise
    Research suggests exercise and good cardiovascular health can improve your hearing.

  2. Dry your ears
    Ensure your dry your ears well with a towel after swimming or taking a shower to prevent ailments such as Swimmer’s Ear.

  3. Get a professional to handle ear wax

If you produce too much ear wax, get a professional to use treatments such as irrigation or manual wax removal. Don’t risk damaging your ear canal or ear drum by trying yourself at home.


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