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Instructions For Use - Etymotic ER4

Proper Insertion

Important: Sound quality, full bass response and noise isolation all depend on a good eartip seal in the ear canal. See a video demonstration of how to get a proper fit in the Earphone Insertion Video

  • While pulling up and out on the back of the ear carefully insert the earphone.
  • Twist the earphone into the ear canal while inserting, until outside noise is blocked out.
  • 3-flange eartips: Moistening eases insertion.
  • Foam eartips: Roll down or compress foam eartip before inserting. Hold the eartip in place for about 5 seconds while the foam expands to create a tight seal in the ear canal.
Proper Insertion 1


Remove earphones slowly with a twisting motion to gradually break the seal. Do not pull on the cable to remove the earphones.

Attaching the Clip

Shirt clip attaches to the splitter cable.

Shirt Clip 1
Shirt Clip 2

Using the Slider

Slider is used to snug the cable under the chin to help secure the earphones.

Cord Slider 1
Cord Slider 2

Detaching Cables

Detach 1
  1. Grab the body of the earphone.
Detach 2
  1. Pull the cable connector away from the earphone body. Do not twist. Pull straight out to prevent damage to the key tab.
Note: Do not pull or twist from the cable connector. It's important to pull straight out.

Attaching Cables

Attach 3
Note: If the key tab is not aligned with the notch, snap will not engage.
Attach 1
  1. Align the key tab with the notch in the body of the earphone and cable connector.
Attach 2
  1. Press together until you feel it snap in.

Changing Filters

Etymotic earphones have special filters that smooth the frequency response and prevent earwax from entering the earphones. A filter is located at the end of the earphone and is visible when the eartip is removed. If a filter becomes clogged, it should be replaced. A dirty filter will reduce earphone output. The filter should be changed if loudness decreases or the sound quality declines.

Note:Filters are not reusable.


Note: Use the tool to remove the filter.

Filter Removal 1
  1. Remove eartip.
Filter Removal 2
  1. Insert tool into the filter.
Filter Removal 3
  1. Remove filter and discard.


Note: Do not use the tool to replace the filter.

Filter Install 1
  1. Insert a new filter.
Filter Install 2
  1. Press gently against a hard surface to secure it in place.
Filter Install 3
  1. Re-attach eartip.

Cleaning and Replacing Eartips

Over time eartips may lose their elasticity. For best performance and retention, replace 3-flange eartips every 60-90 days. Replace foam and glider eartips frequently.

To clean 3-flange eartips:

  1. Remove the eartip from the earphone.
  2. Clean with water and mild soap.
  3. Dry the eartip before placing it back on the earphone.


  • Do not expose the earphones to extreme temperatures.
  • Avoid dropping and strong impact.
  • Leave eartips on the earphones for shock protection.
  • Do not pull on the cord to remove the earphone from the audio device or the ear.
  • Clean or replace eartips prior to use by others.
  • For best performance and retention in the ear, replace 3-flange eartips every 60-90 days.
  • Replace foam eartips frequently.


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