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Frequently Asked Questions - Etymotic ER4

1. What is the difference between the SR and XR Models?

The ER4SR is the most accurate in-ear earphone on the market delivering a flat response across all frequencies while the ER4XR has high accuracy, but with slightly enhanced bass.

2. What are the differences between the old ER4s and the new models?

The new ER4 models feature metal bodies with an anodized finish, detachable, replaceable cables, and increased sensitivity for a more dynamic sound.

3. Is there a difference in impedance, sensitivity, and frequency response between the ER4SR and the ER4XR models?

No, both models feature 45 ohm impedance, 98 dB sensitivity, and a frequency response from 20 Hz - 16 kHz.

4. Is the same balanced armature used for the new ER4 series as the current ER4?

No, The ER4SR and the ER4XR have drivers that are unique to their respective models. They are not the same drivers as in previous generations of the ER4.

5. Will the current ER4 Series (PT, S, and B) be discontinued?

The current models will remain in our inventory and available for sale until late 2017 or as supplies last.

6. Can the cable be removed? If so, how is this done?

Yes, the new ER4SR and ER4XR feature a removable, replaceable cable. The cables are simple to detach by pulling the cable at the cable connector point while holding the ER4 body and pulling the cable connector straight from the body without twisting. The cables snap back in to the bodies by aligning the tab on the cable with the slot at the end of the metal ER4 body.

7. Is there a cable converter like the current ER4P to the ER4S?

There is no converter as the electronics on the new ER4 series have been modified making the conversion unnecessary. There is no way to convert the XR response to that of the SR.

8. Is the cable the same for the ER4SR as the ER4XR?

Both models use the same cable

9. Is the cable connector MMCX? Can I use other manufacturer's cables with the new ER4 series?

The cable connector is a customized version of the MMCX. Since it is customized, it is unlikely that other manufacturer's cables will work with the new ER4 models.

10. Will replacement cables be made available?

Replacement cables are available in Accessories.

11. Can my current ER4 accessories be used with the new ER4 models?

Yes, the current ER4 eartips and the green ER38-50 filters will fit the new models.

12. What is included in the package with the new ER4 series?

  • Eartips: 2 pairs standard 3-flange (1 set installed on the earphones), 2 pairs large 3-flange, and 2 pairs large black foam eartips.
  • Filter removal tool and replacement filters
  • Shirt clip
  • ¼" stereo phone adaptor
  • Performance certificate
  • Deluxe zippered storage case.

13. What is the warranty on the new ER4 series?

Both models come with a full 2-year warranty.

14. Can I trade-in / upgrade my current ER4 for a new model?

Yes, there are options for trading in and/or upgrading to a new ER4 from the current models. Please refer to the Etymotic website for details.

15. How do I know which ER4 model is right for me?

Please visit the Etymotic website for information on the right product to fit your specific listening requirements.

16. I purchased custom molds for my previous generation ER4s. Will they work with the new earphones?

Yes, in most cases, custom earmolds made for the previous generation of the ER4 will work with the new models.


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