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Care and Maintenance

Care and Maintenance

It is important that you read these notes to ensure the longevity of your custom hearing protectors. Failure to care for them in accordance with these instructions could impair their performance.

Use a clean, moist cloth or sterile wipe to clean the earpieces. Visually inspect each earpiece to check that no earwax, skin debris or dirt has penetrated the sound ducts, and use the provided cleaning tool to carefully remove any foreign matter. Always return to the carry case when not in use. Keep away from moisture, heat or direct sunlight. DO NOT immerse the filters in any liquids.

The filters can be removed by gently squeezing the earpiece around the filter until it ‘pops’ out so the earpieces can be thoroughly cleaned in warm, soapy water. After cleaning ensure the earpieces are completely dry before re-inserting the filters. If your hearing protectors contain any electronic components, do not immerse them in any liquids. Certain chemical substances can adversely affect this product.

NB: We recommend replacement of your hearing protectors every four years due to anatomical changes to the shape of the ear canal.

Fitting Guide

Each of your hearing protectors is marked with a red or blue logo. The RED marked earpiece fits in your RIGHT ear, and the BLUE marked earpiece fits in your LEFT ear.

Hold the earpiece between thumb and index finger and insert into the ear canal, twisting it backwards while applying slight pressure. Press the earpiece until it fits comfortably in your ear.

If your protectors are fitted with optional grips, hold the grips when inserting and removing the earpieces. To remove, grip each earpiece and twist in a forward motion while pulling gently away from the ear. NEVER remove by pulling on the (optional) neck cord. A tube of comfort cream is provided to aid insertion if fitting is difficult. Spread a small amount to the entrance of your ear canal and the earpiece will slip more easily into your ear.




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