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Musician Earplugs

Custom Musician Earplugs Change the Game on Stage and in the Studio

For a musician, earplugs are almost as essential as their instrument itself when it comes to performing. Without them, hearing damage is almost inevitable. The music might be loud for the crowd in front of the stage, but it's even louder for those making the music. Event staff and sound technicians face consistent exposure to high levels of potentially damaging noise, too. Unfortunately, many common earplug solutions give rise to complaints — they don't fit, they hurt, they let too much or not enough sound through. At Hearsafe, we address these concerns withmusician earplugs in Australia designed to fityour ears and yours alone. 

Common Mistakes People Make with Earplugs for Musicians

Before diving into the reasons that custom ear protection is the right way to go, it's helpful to look at how your current earplugs could miss the mark. Have you made one of these mistakes before? 

  • Settling for plugs that just weren't comfortable — so you don't wear them as often as you know you should. It's a common occurrence, but it means you will too often expose yourself to damaging levels of sound. 
  • Purchasing plugs that do not fit snugly, allowing some frequencies of sound to continue reaching your inner ear. A plug that is "good enough" isn't really. Instead, you should look for earplugs that deliver consistent sound blocking. 
  • Relying on disposable plugs on an as-needed basis. Though they may be easy to come by, they'll never fit 100% correctly, wear out quickly, and they don't block as many frequencies.

If you're dissatisfied with the ear protection for musicians you've tried before, you aren't alone. The good news: there's a better way to keep hearing damage at bay. 

The Benefits of Moulded Earplugs for Musicians from Hearsafe 

Okay, so why should you invest in custom earplugs? Having an audiologist take your ear measurements and send them to us is easy, and you'll get to enjoy improvements in your experience such as:

  • Protect against a fuller range of damaging sound frequencies. Scientifically designed to protect your ears, ACS plugs target the frequencies that can cause the most hearing damage and keeps them out with their special filters. 
  • Enjoy all-day comfort that lets you put in long sessions without the need to continually change plugs. When an earplug fits your ear like the proverbial glove, it's easy to forget you're even wearing them at all. 
  • Transform your earplugs into high-quality monitors for a safer, easier way to listen in as you play. It's true: earplugs can be a way to pass sound through safely, too. 

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Moulded Earplugs for Musicians

You don't enjoy your current earplugs, and it's easy to see how a custom fit could be just what you need — what about your spend? With the right approach to the buying process and our dedication to superb customer experience, you can make a smart investment. Here's how:

  • Take the time to have impressions of your ears made by a professional. An accurate impression is the essential first step for accessing custom earplugs, but it also allows you to continually return to Hearsafe in the future to order new earplugs as needed for different applications. Save time by ensuring we can keep your information on file. 
  • Ask about our monitor options, as they offer far more versatility for the musician and can ensure that your investment does double duty. 
  • Wear your plugs in other scenarios where you might need to protect your hearing. Whether you're in the audience rather than on stage or at a loud sporting event, you should always consider the safety of your hearing. 

About Hearsafe

A partner to Elacin, maker of industry-leading moulded earplugs, Hearsafe has a rich history in providing hearing protection to musicians, workers, farmers, and many others for more than 15 years. We're fully committed to reducing rates of hearing damage and loss in Australia, and we're always ready to answer your questions about these products and the process of acquiring them.Find out how to get in touch to learn more or start the ordering process for your musician plugs today.


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