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Formula 1 Ear Plugs

Keep Your Ears Safe from Racing Noise with Formula 1 Ear Plugs

Considering the extreme and prolonged volume that constant exposure to the racing course involves, it’s not surprising that long time racers would need Formula 1 earplugs. These plugs are designed to protect ears from the permanent harm that constant exposure to the raceway can potentially cause. Our earplugs are a cut above the rest, and you can count on our plugs to protect your hearing even in the loudest situations.


Common Mistakes People Make Regarding F1 Earplugs

There are several errors that people make when considering theseF1 plugs:

  • Not all earplugs are the same. High-end customised plugs are far more effective than generic ones. Custom earplugs are designed to suit one pair of ears exclusively and fit snugly in the ear canal. When racers use these plugs, they experience far more protection than the sometimes loose and ill-fitting generic plugs.
  • Earplugs are essential for hearing protection, but they aren’t the only tool you should use. The best way to protect your ears is to couple the earplugs with a helmet that keeps your eardrums safe.
  • Often, people won’t put their earplugs in until it’s time to use them during the race. We advise drivers to take some time getting used to the feel of the earplugs so that they’re not surprised when it comes time to race and the plugs feel uncomfortable and undesirable.


By avoiding these mistakes, you can ensure that you have a positive experience with the plugs that are designed to keep you safe from hearing loss. 

Tips for Getting More Value out of the F1 Race Ear Plugs

Now that you know the major issues to avoid, take a moment to consider the positive benefits of the F1 race plugs and why you should invest in them:

  • Their high quality is long-lasting, and the fact that they’re custom-made ensures that they remain comfortable and stay in place, even as you’re driving around the track.
  • Get measurements from trusted audiologists to ensure that your custom earplugs are designed for you and you alone. These audiologists will work with us directly to covey your measurements and help us develop the ideal F1 plugs for your ears.
  • Use the plugs regularly, any time that the noise level gets to a point where it may impact your hearing. Even incremental damage accrues over time, and there are already one in six Australians who face the prospect of permanent hearing damage. We are working to stop the growing trend of hearing impairment and reverse it.

About Hearsafe

We have 15 years of history behind us, 15 years of successfully helping Australians get the hearing protection they deserve. Our earplugs are custom-made to protect the most sensitive sense against overstimulation that can eventually lead to total hearing loss.Contact us to learn more about the benefits of our unique earplugs and schedule an appointment with an audiologist to start your bespoke plugs today.


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