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Custom Moulded Earplugs

Trust Hearsafe for Custom Moulded Earplugs

Are you in the market for quality custom moulded earplugs? Let Hearsafe assist you increating an earplug that fits perfectly to the dimensions of your ear. 

What Sets Hearsafe Apart Regarding Custom Mouldable Ear Plugs 

We always strive to set ourselves apart when creating custom mouldable earplugs by providing you with the following service: 

  • Expedient shipping:We recognise that you want to begin using your custom earplugs as soon as possible, which is why we aim to pack and ship your order within 24 hours. If you place an order later on a Friday or over the weekend, it will be filled first thing on Monday morning. Don’t forget to take advantage of our free shipping option for any order over $100. 
  • Warranty: We offer two warranties on all our earplugs. If yours do not fit to your liking, reach out to us within 30 days so we can correct the problem. We also have a warranty that lasts for 12 months on any issues in the manufacture of your earplug. We always encourage you to reach out to a member of our customer service team for more information about our guarantees. 
  • Care instructions: To help you get the most out of your purchase, we provide you with a complete explanation of how to maintain your earplugs. Read ourhelpful tips

Benefits of Custom Moulded Ear Plugs 

If you are thinking about purchasing generic earplugs, you should think again. There are numerous reasons why a person should buy custom moulded earplugs, just a few of which include: 

  • Cost-effective: Many people mistakenly believe that custom earplugs are a considerable expense that rarely pays off. This belief couldn’t be further from the truth. Realistically, you will likely spend more money purchasing multiple pairs of throw-away earplugs. Instead of spending money on something that will end up in the garbage, invest in a product that you can use for years to come. 
  • Reduce the likelihood of ear infections: If you have ever had an ear infection, you know the pain that is associated with this common condition. Ear infections usually develop when bacteria grow in the middle of your ear. Cheap earplugs are more susceptible to bacteria growth due to the material that is used to make them. 
  • They are more comfortable: It’s very frustrating and sometimes uncomfortable to continuously force an earplug back into your ear when it comes loose or falls out. Custom earplugs eliminate this annoyance. When you receive one of our products, you can rest assured that it was created specifically for your ear. 
  • About Hearsafe

    The professionals at Hearsafe are committed to providing you with a selection of superior earplugs. We understand the importance of protecting your inner ear and preserving your hearing. Whether you need to shield your ears because of the noise from your job or you need to safeguard them against the loud sounds of a race car, we are here to help. 

    Reach out to us today to learn more about our custom earplug options.


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