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Custom Motorsport Earplugs

Counteract Loud Engines with Protective Custom Motorsport Earplugs

Any racing situation is going to be a loud affair, so you should rely on custom motorsport earplugs to prevent potential hearing damage over time. These plugs provide long-lasting protection that’s designed specifically to your ears and the activities that you engage in. We understand the noise levels you’re likely to encounter vary depending on your sports, so let us help you find the best motorsport plugs for you.


What You Can Expect from Hearsafe Regarding Custom Motorsport Plugs

The most important aspect of designingeffective hearing protection is to customise them for the precise purposes for which you need them.

  • There are significant differences between noises that occur in industrial settings, musical settings, and shooting ranges. Motorsports produce high levels of ongoing noise punctuated by higher intensities when you rev the engine. Our plugs use different densities and compositions so that various models are suited to these different tasks. Our ACS 20 plugs are designed precisely to protect your ears in such situations.
  • Once you know the right style of custom earplugs you need to protect your ears during motorsports, we need the precise measurements of your ears. During this step, you’ll visit one of the audiologists near you with whom we work. Once they send us the results of your visit, we’ll design your custom motorsport earplugs and ship them to you.
  • Your comfort is paramount to the design. We know from experience that people are less likely to use earplugs consistently if they cause significant discomfort. Therefore, we ensure that the materials we use are both effective and easy on your ears. With this combination, you can experience effective protection against long term hearing loss without getting distracted from the activities you’re doing.


What You Stand to Gain by Using Hearsafe

It’s impossible to overstate how important ear protection is. Hearing loss is a real problem in activities like motorsports, and since it’s a gradual process, people often overlook the early signs. We encourage you to be proactive about protection, so we offer free shipping to anywhere in Australia.Contact us today to start the process.


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