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Custom Earplugs for Musicians

Keep the Music Going for Years with Custom Earplugs for Musicians

It’s easy to get sucked into the music, but without custom earplugs for musicians, you can often get that muffled, dull after effect and continued ringing in your ears. These effects are actually significant symptoms of ear damage, and if this happens to you consistently, you can potentially lose a portion or all your hearing over time. Custom earplugs are designed to help musicians prevent this loss.


What Sets Hearsafe Apart Regarding Custom DJ Earplugs

We strive to providea unique solution to musicians’ need for hearing loss prevention. Consider several ways that our approach distinguishes us from other sources for earplugs:

  • Custom Protection - We’ve experienced the difference between generic and custom protection. Unfortunately, Australia lags behind much of the world in terms of its earplug quality, meaning many people are unnecessarily exposed to risks of permanent hearing damage. We seek to address that lack by providing effective custom protection in the form of musician and DJ earplugs.
  • Earplugs Suited to Your Profession - Musicians are not the only ones who encounter consistently loud environments. As a result, there are different earplug designs for various professions and environments. Depending on the instrument you use, you should consider the Elacin RC17 (for vocal and acoustic musicians), Elacin RC15 (for orchestral musicians), or the Elacin RC 17 (for DJs and clubbers). We also carry stronger earplugs for those who work at large venues with amplified music.
  • Scientific Answers - There’s a genuine science behind preventing hearing loss. We work with audiologists to achieve the precision necessary to provide bespoke protection with your earplugs. 


Why Hearsafe Is Cost Effective

Our primary focus is to provide effective ear protection for those who need it most, and we strive to do so cost-effectively. We accomplish this by providing an online service: with the exception of a visit to the audiologist, the entire process is handled online. We also ship free of charge to anywhere in Australia, so your new custom earplugs will be delivered right to your door.Contact us to learn more about hearing protection and start your order today. 


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