June 04, 2019

If you’re heading to State of Origin, don’t forget to take your earplugs with you!

If you head to the footy often, you’ll know that the sound in the crowd can be deafening. Tens of thousands of screaming fans, bands and musicians belting out the national anthem and providing pre-game entertainment, fireworks, buzzers, PA announcements… when you think about it, that’s a whole lot of noise you’re exposing your ears to!

Now remember, it’s State of Origin – so just imagine the extra passionate NSW and QLD crowd, it’s going to be next level loud!

Regardless of any sporting or stadium event, you can damage your hearing without the proper protection. Take along a pair of earplugs to reduce the risk of hearing damage, all the while enjoying the big game.

ACS Custom Pro 17 Ear Plugs could be just what you need to withstand the noise levels at a game like State of Origin, designed specifically for DJ’s, vocalists, clubbers and gig-goers.

Speak to the team at Hearsafe Australia to suggest hearing protection tailored to your particular gig or event. HearsafeAustralia will supply and fit and have been specializing in professional custom-made hearing protection since 1994.


Order your ACS Custom Pro 17 now and be ready for the next game 

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