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High frequency hearing loss

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High frequency hearing loss is just one of the many types of hearing impairment and also one of the most common.

Those living with high frequency hearing loss will find that while they are able to hear sounds of a lower pitch, some higher frequency sounds, such as a whistle or the doorbell, are difficult to hear. High frequency hearing loss can make it hard to hear voices over the phone and the voices of women and children too.

Low frequency noises are processed at the base of the inner ear, while higher pitches are managed nearer to the top; when the hair cells of the cochlear are damaged, this is when hearing loss can occur. Hair cells at the base of the inner ear are more likely to be damaged than those at the top, hence why many will lose the ability to hear higher frequencies first.

High frequency hearing loss can be caused by a number of factors including genetics, a head injury, complications from medications, illness or ageing just to name a few.

Exposure to excessive noise can also result in high frequency hearing loss, so it is important to always protect your hearing. Whether you work in a noisy industry, are going to a concert, or just mowing the lawn, wherever noise is excessive, ensure adequate hearing protection is worn.

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