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Hearing loss and mental wellbeing

  • 1 min read

While hearing loss can implicate multiple areas of life, many don’t realise that there is a link between hearing loss and mental wellbeing.

In fact, a study by Hearing Australia found 85% of Australians aren’t aware of the impact of hearing loss on depression.

Not only does hearing loss affect the understanding of language and speech, but it can also affect your desire to interact with others. Withdrawal from society or social isolation can spur on feelings of sadness and depression, particularly in older people with hearing loss. Many seniors struggling with symptoms are often too proud to admit their hearing loss. This can also have an impact on mental health.

The best way to ensure quality of life and avoid hearing loss is to take preventative measures early. Avoid noisy environments and hazardous sounds, wear hearing protection, such as custom fit ear plugs when partaking in activities or places where noise is excessive, and ensure you get your hearing checked regularly.


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