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Gravotech Laser Engraving Solutions

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Hearsafe Australia uses cutting edge technology in their laboratory to ensure your product quality is second to none. Our new Gravotech LS100 Laser Etcher is certainly leading the way in this area. 

The Gravotech laser engraver cuts and marks a wide range of materials and with its premium build and dedicated software it is the trusted solution for any application. 

LS100 is a silent and compact laser engraver adaptable to industrial, commercial and office settings. Engrave glass, create plastic labels, shape acrylic, wood, cut, mark, and define folding lines on paper. This laser cuttingand engraving machine can adapt to your every need.

At Hearsafe we use our Gravotech Laser Engraver to etch our customer serial numbers onto custom earplugs however it is also perfect for signage, creative cutting and personalisation.

If your company is looking for an etching solution reach out to see if we can assist.


Rotary and laser plastic engraving

Discover the different ways you can engrave and mark plastic parts and items : laser, rotary and dot-peen technologies. From manufacturing to personalisation.
Plastics lend themselves perfectly to laser marking and engraving. Our  plastic laser engraver will enable you to carry out marking on many plastics, for a permanent result, with excellent quality and finish. 

Leather and fake leather laser engraving

Easily engrave and personalise leather and synthetic leather items with Gravotech our dedicated laser solution.

Stone, granite and slate laser engraving

Engrave and personalise minerals such as stone, marble, peebles and slate with our engraving solutions.

Wood etching, engraving and cutting

Easily engrave, etch and cut wood with our Gravotech LS100. Personalise gifts and create unique signage.

Dog and pet tag engraving

Easily engrave and personalise any pet tag with our Gravotech LS100. Engrave texts, pictures, symbols and more.
There are endless opportunities so contact us to find out more at


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