July 04, 2019

When we warn of the dangers of workplace noise exposure, often we think of industries such as farming or construction which are known for using loud machinery or power tools. While they may not be working on forklifts or operating jackhammers, dentists are also at risk of hearing loss.

Think about the last time you went to the dentist. The constant use of hand pieces and drills, among other tools, can result in prolonged exposure. While the tools of dentists may not be as loud as other workplaces, the high frequency noise exposure can still pose a risk of sensorineural hearing loss.

If you work in a dental surgery, it’s important when purchasing your equipment that you always consider how loud the tools can be, and how to protect yourself from potential hearing damage.

Ensure you, your colleagues and patients use adequate hearing protection when operating high frequency tools and get hearing checks regularly to stay on top of your hearing health.

Hearsafe Australia can suggest the best hearing protection for your particular industry. So, if you’re a dentist or dental assistant speak to the team today about their large range of high performance, high quality and reasonably priced hearing protection.

Or click on the below link to order your plugs now, once you have placed your order Hearsafe will arrange an appointment for you at an Audiologist at no extra cost. You can wear your plugs all day and get the protection you need while still communicating properly 

ACS Custom Pro 17 Ear Plugs 



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