January 17, 2021

Throughout Australia, many industries require employees to work around the clock, including regular night shifts. If you are new to working nights, you may be finding the concept of sleeping in the middle of the day slightly bizarre and at times even difficult.

Depending on where you live, the current climate and if you live with other people will all impact on how quickly you can get to sleep during the day and how long you can stay asleep for. Thankfully, there are many ways to help ensure you are well-rested, including investing in some good quality shift worker earplugs. Here at Hearsafe Australia, we are the experts when it comes to earplugs and we’ve put together a summary of our top picks for shift worker earplugs below.

Elacin Relax

Comfortable and durable, the Elacin Relax earplugs are extremely popular among frequent travellers, the partners of snorers and shift workers. Custom-made with a fully hollow design, they are a comfortable fit to wear at any time you require them. These shift worker earplugs block out ambient noise to help you have a quiet and uninterrupted sleep, even in the middle of the day. They also offer a new design with a longer grip for easy insertion and removal.


Pluggerz Custom-fit Sleep Side Sleeper 

These shift worker earplugs are another popular option for those in need of a deep sleep during the day. Offering a comfortable fit and suitable for extended use, these are a perfect solution for shift workers within a range of industries. Made from a soft material, these shift worker earplugs block out background noise but don’t completely seal off the ear, ensuring that you can still be woken by your alarm clock.


Pluggerz Sleep

If you are new to wearing earplugs and would like to try out a more affordable option to start with, the Pluggerz Sleep range is the ideal solution. These shift worker earplugs help to remove background noise and are constructed from a flexible and hypoallergenic material to ensure a comfortable rest.


Start sleeping better today

Are you in need of shift worker earplugs? Browse our range online now. If you have any enquiries regarding any of our products, be sure to get in contact with the helpful team at Hearsafe Australia today.

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