ACS Sleepsound Earplugs


Many people have difficulty sleeping due either to their snoring partner, unnatural work pattern or because of living in a noisy environment and it can have very real consequences for your long term well being.

SleepSound is an earplug developed initially for shift workers who needed to sleep during the daytime, however users reported their effectiveness at reducing the level of their partners snoring to a degree where it became possible for them to sleep soundly without distraction.

The concept of any custom made item is its individuality and uniqueness to its user. SleepSound Earplugs are no exception and user acceptance is very high, each pair being individually crafted under the strictest conditions from exact impressions of the users’ ears. Constructed from a very soft durable silicone, SleepSound Earplugs are cut in such a way that they can be worn comfortably within the ear all night. SleepSound Earplugs are produced in yellow as standard.

*Please be aware that ACS SleepSound Earplugs are not guaranteed to reduce ambient noise levels to any greater degree than a standard foam earplug, but are designed to offer greater comfort and fit.

We require in ear impressions for your custom ear plugs so once your order is received we will be in touch to arrange an appointment with with an Audiologist near you (appointment fee included)

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