ACS Custom Earplugs

Preserve Your Ears with ACS Custom Earplugs for Extreme Environments

When you work in a tough environment, rely on ACS custom earplugs to counteract the high noise levels. These earplugs are ideal for loud activities, including work and entertainment settings. Since your ears are sensitive organs, it’s far too easy to damage them without realising it, so you should be proactive about protection.

What You Can Expect from Hearsafe Regarding ACS Earplugs

We connect you with the ideal earplugs to suit your workplace and the hobbies that you enjoy. These are several ways that we can help you with these earplugs:

  • We address the genuine need that Australians have for custom earplugs. Too often, we hear people complain about discomfort from the generic options, so we’ve connected people with a line of custom plugs that are both more comfortable and more effective. Custom plugs sit comfortably and securely in the ear canal so that they remain there even during higher levels of activity. After several hours, ill-fitting plugs cause significant discomfort that can distract workers, which is something that custom plugs prevent. 
  • Hearsafe has been in business for 15 years, building connections and understanding the technology behind effective earplugs. We work with the highest-quality materials and use precise measurements to ensure that your plugs snugly fit your ears. These plugs are also built to last, so you won’t need to replace them every week due to wear and tear.
  • Our team works closely with a network of audiologists across the country who can examine your ears and recommend the best design. After their examination, they’ll provide the measurements to us, and we’ll customise your earplugs. 
  • After the measurement stage, the process is entirely digital and entirely online. You can complete your order when convenient but receive the finished earplugs rapidly due to how quickly we get all the information from you and the audiologist. We ship to anywhere in Australia, so no matter where you are in the country, you’ll receive your custom-made earplugs soon. 

Tips Regarding ACS Pro Earplugs

Potential ear damage depends both on the noise level and the source of the sound. You should always aim to get the earplugs designed for the environment in which you’ll be: 

  • Musicians and DJs are the quintessential examples of those who work in high-volume settings. You must keep the energy going, and project sounds over a large crowd. Often, you’re at the centre where it’s loudest, and you’re committed to remaining in that spot for several hours. It doesn’t take much for your ears to start feeling the damage, and many musicians report experiencing tinnitus related to the consistent noise level. The ACS Pro 17 earplugs are designed to withstand this kind of pressure and protect your ears. 
  • The most powerful machines in industrial settings create a lot of noise during operation. Even though automation has decreased the number of hands-on manufacturing jobs, there are still hundreds of thousands of jobs that keep employees in loud environments for many hours of the day. The ACS ER20 earplugs counteract the percussive sounds that are the hallmark of such settings.
  • Outdoors enthusiasts and hunters are in settings of great calm and quiet punctuated by extreme noise as guns fire. Without proper ear protection, your ears are ringing by the end of your practice time at the range, and this can develop into serious or permanent damage. The ACS Pro Impulse earplugs are designed to be the ideal protection in shooting situations due to their mid-level protection and specific resistance against impulse noise such as gunfire.

Why Trust Hearsafe Regarding ACS Ear Protection

We’re committed to helping Australians find effective ear protection for all activities. Hearing loss is a real consequence of chronic exposure to loud environments, so we encourage everyone to take it seriously. Custom protection is consistently the best way to protect your ears over time, so contact us today and learn more about our ACS custom earplugs.