Ear Plugs

Invest in Your Ears with High-Quality Ear Plugs from Hearsafe Australia

A good pair of ear plugs is something everyone should have. Whether you work in an industry that has many noise hazards, attend loud concerts regularly, or want to block out the world for a good night’s sleep, Hearsafe Australia can give you what you need.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Ear Plugs

At Hearsafe Australia, we are proud to offer high-quality moulded ear plugs geared towards professionals in noisy industries. However, before you start browsing our catalogue of ear protection products, it’s good to know some of the common mistakes that people make with earplugs

  • Not wearing them at all: The average person doesn’t think much about wearing ear protection. They might put in plugs for deafening events —attending an ear-splitting loud rock concert, for instance—but otherwise not use them much. In truth, we recommend ear protection for many more circumstances than people think. Most power tools, for example, exceed the decibel level at which most hearing experts would recommend the use of earplugs. Indeed, using a chain saw or hammer drill for more than a minute or two without ear protection risks permanent hearing loss.
  • Thinking earplugs are only for sleeping: Most people who do own a pair of earplugs have sleep plugs. Certainly, earplugs for sleeping are a good investment that can guarantee a better night’s sleep—especially if you have loud neighbours or live in an area with too much traffic noise. However, it’s important to remember that plugs aren’t just for sleeping.
  • Assuming that all earplugs are the same: With that last point made, though, it’s also important to note that not all earplugs are created equal. A set of plugs might be useful for sleeping, but entirely ineffective for providing hearing protection on a loud industrial worksite. At Hearsafe, we design plugs for specific applications—from sleeping to motorsport to live music roles—all to deliver the best results for our customers.
  • What You Can Expect from Hearsafe Australia Regarding Ear Plugs

    At Hearsafe Australia, we want to raise the bar for hearing protection in Australia. Here are a few factors that make us a reliable source:

    • Our focus on custom comfort: We’ve heard lots of feedback over the years from consumers who are tired of uncomfortable earplugs that don’t fit right. Many of our products are moulded earplugs custom-crafted from ear impressions, to ensure the highest levels of comfort, fit and protection.
    • Our purpose-driven plugs: Are you a drummer? We have a set of plugs explicitly meant for you. Do you love spending time at the gun range? We have plugs for that, too. Each set of earplugs we sell has been designed for a specific situation, industry or application.
    • Our dedication to preventing hearing loss: Australia trails behind many other countries when it comes to hearing protection. Our mission as a company is to help prevent hearing loss on a nationwide scale. 

    Problems Hearsafe Australia Addresses

    As mentioned above, we want to play our part in protecting auditory health throughout Australia. Here are some of the barriers to hearing protection that we are working to eliminate:

    • Difficulty getting earplugs that fit: We work with audiologists across Australia to get ear impressions of customers so that we can craft custom moulded ear protection for them. The result is that our plugs fit, feel and function better than the vast majority of other products on the market.
    • Underserved industries: There are many sleep plugs out there, but what about plugs geared towards specific niche industries? We address this challenge by making earplugs for music, industry, motorsport, education, farming, shooting and more.
    • Challenges with finding quality plugs: One reason hearing protection fails is that most consumers aren’t using the right products. They simply can’t find quality plugs at their local stores. We resolve this issue by shipping our products throughout Australia.

    Why You Should Use Hearsafe Australia

    Whether you need earplugs for sleeping or students in a loud music class environment, we can help. Our dedication to hearing protection in Australia is second-to-none and is a reason that many customers trust us as their only source for earplugs. Contact us today to learn more.