Custom Plugs

Find Custom Plugs that Enable Easy, Effective Hearing Protection

For those who have difficulty sleeping due to a snoring partner or other noisy night-time problems, custom plugs can represent the quickest and easiest path towards relief. Have you tried other earplugs in the past only to find them wanting? Discomfort is one of the most common complaints among plug users, especially those who rely on them for sleep. If you cannot get comfortable with or without plugs, how can you ever enjoy a good night's sleep? At Hearsafe, we have a simple answer: custom-fit earplugs. 

What Sets Hearsafe's Custom Made Earplugs Apart

Does a custom fit for your earplugs really make that much of a difference? In a word: Yes! Here's what makes the ACS plugs we supply stand out:

  • Fit that delivers function. Nothing is more important in an earplug than the fit: if it doesn't conform to your ear canal very closely, some sound can continue to bleed through, practically negating the usefulness of wearing them in the first place. Hearsafe's ACS earplugs conform to a custom impression of your ears, ensuring the most comfortable and snug fit possible. 
  • Comfort for long periods of wear. It's easy to see why: when tailored to your body's unique needs, they're bound to be comfy. 
  • Highly adaptable for a wide variety of needs, as outlined below. ACS plugs work well in many applications and can even undergo modifications, for example, to create in-ear studio monitors. 

From greater comfort to more robust sound blocking, we can help you start to catch more Zs every night. 

Services Related to Custom Earplugs for Sleeping We Provide 

At Hearsafe, we do more than help restless individuals find some peaceful sleep — we also strongly believe in helping others protect their hearing from irreversible damage. We're proud to also provide custom fittings for:

  • Musicians. Protect your ears from the thumping bass and powerful amps on stage and in the studio. Tinnitus is a common problem among musicians, but you can mitigate some of the risks by regularly wearing custom plugs. 
  • Industrial workers and plant operators. Heavy machinery can be incredibly loud, and hearing safety should be an integral component of workplace safety. Ensure that you're blocking the full range of damaging frequencies with the right plugs. 
  • Motorsport drivers. The thrill of being behind the wheel is tough to beat, but you're also regularly exposed to loud engine noise. Focus on the task ahead and not the noise. 

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Your Custom Hearing Protection 

Purchasing custom plugs is an investment to be sure — but one worth making when your hearing is on the table. That doesn't mean you can't find ways to stretch your investment and make it work for you, though. Try these tips:

  • Care for your plugs properly. Though they are made to last for an indefinite period, you can maintain their quality and avoid any concerns with some basic cleansing efforts. After use, rinse your earplugs in cool water or wipe them off gently, then allow them to air dry. After about four years, though, consider replacement to maintain the best fit possible. 
  • Purchase more than one set of plugs at a time. Even those who take care with their possessions can lose a set — they are small objects, after all. Having a "back up" pair makes dealing with those frustrating occasions easier, while also providing useful spares. You could have one "home" and one "travel" pair, for example. 
  • Pair your plugs' acoustic filter with the situation in which you'll need to use them. (Check our FAQ) for a quick overview of what filters work best for which applications.

Why Trust Hearsafe When You Need Made to Measure Earplugs? 

Our commitment to quality hearing protection is easy to see, from the wide number of industries we support to the service we provide in pursuit of offering you the best fit and function possible. Over our decade and a half in operation, we've come to understand precisely how to provide ear protection that makes the grade no matter whether you need them to sleep peacefully or to block out noisy heavy equipment. Explore our catalogue now, or contact us with your questions.